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Scientific researchers have the information and tools scattered in different places, face problems to access to remote information and don’t have a way to share data and tools safely.

Our objective is help each researcher in a personalized and familiar way, allowing share data in a secure way using blockchain, create and share costumed tools and pipelines in a single place and foster remote collaboration by accessing the information and tools from anywhere making it possible for information and results to reach society quickly and efficiently.

Reixmor Project Studio is the Workplace for the scientific community

Allow scientists to carry out their research projects from start to finish.


The Project Data allow to manage, share and edit all the files from your research project. You can edit your excel data files, view DICOM files and so many  features.


Data and results flow in a natural way, accelerating collaboration, allowing knowledge to be generated with fewer resources in less time.


Execution of all my tools and other in the platform allowing to execute and share my scripts in R & python in a transparent and simple way.

Let us help you find your solution.

Our Team Leaders

commitment to a vision

Reinier Peñarroche

Chief Executive Officer

Camilo Monreal

Chief Technology Officer

Rubén Ventura

Chief Scientific Officer

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One of the issues that we find in the research teams is how, given a new software tool, we install it on the computers of all the investigators. Usually, we must call the IT department, create the incident ticket, let them come and install the application […]

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